Music Blog Post

Walt compose and create a rap ( with a beat if its possible )  about bullying.

I achieved this by working with my friends and letting them have a say in what they think we should do.

The resources i used are the videos we got shown to help me  think of some Rhymes and raps also I used the html5 drum kit.

For my rap I worked with Jack and Joey. We all chose a piece of it.

The process of making a rap was exciting and a new experience for me.

The thing I enjoyed the most about making a rap is that we could chose what we wanted to write.

Here is our bullying rap
 Bullying is not cool
We´ll throw you in a swimming pool
We might tell Mr Rule
Also he is not a fool.  

My maths blog post

My math learning goal is solve division problems with remainders.

I have learnt how to use the family of facts on multiplication and division
here is an example of my family of facts
4 X 5 = 20
5 X 4 = 20
20  divided by 5 = 4
20 divided by 4 = 5
                                                     here is some my learning
My next learning goal is learn all off my division and times tables

Dance reflection

In dance we have been doing two dances, the Cha Cha  and a Hip Hop routine.

I learnt how to do the alemana turn and the train in the Cha Cha.

I have surprised myself by being able to do the hip hop routine, when i thought that I would be terrible.

I have been challenged by the Cha cha and trying to get all the moves right

<==== Here is a photo of me doing the dance